Jolandi Ford is a singing artist born in South Africa. She grew up in a very musically talented family where most of her family members are musicians. She always loved singing and performing from a very young age. She won the Boksburg Idols singing competition in 2012, reached top 4 in East Rand got talent, Top 40 on X-Factor South Africa 2014 and featured on numerous compilation albums. After the launch of her first debut album "Vang My" (an Afrikaans & English mixed album) in 2013, her singing career picked up fast. Her country songs have been playing on International radio stations globally.
Jolandi and her family also immigrated to Hamilton New Zealand in 2017 and as a proud resident, she is ready to put everything into her singing career again! She launched her first single "Torn Jeans" in New Zealand on 28 September 2020 and there are many many more to follow...

Latest News

We are extremely exited to announce Jolandi's new single release here in New Zealand!

"Your not in the picture anymore"  are set to be released to the public on 28/11/2020.   

Torn Jeans was released on 28 September 2020 and reached Top 5 in the Top 40 Country charts in Australia and already playing on International Radio stations across the globe.

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