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Jolandi Ford's New Release "Not Meant To Be"

Not Meant to be is Jolandi's 3’rd original single launching in NZ since 2020, this time with a brand new sound! Something Commercial blending into the Modern Country Genre. A special love song that will touch many people’s lives who ever had a previous memorable relationship with someone special whom they will always remember. A song that carry beautiful emotion and great sing along radio song.

This beautiful song is an original composition – Written by the very talented Cindy Kay Skinner residing in the USA. Jolandi and Cindy have joined forces to produce her previous single “You ain’t in the picture anymore”, hitting the top 10 Country Charts on Tyga FM - 98.9 in Australia and decided to do another one together and make it even better!!

Not meant to be will be released to the public on 20 June 2021.

A short clip of “Not Meant to be”

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