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Josie Music Award 2021 Nominee Jolandi Ford

The South African born New Zealand Singer Jolandi Ford achieves a Josie Award 2021 nomination in Nashville, Tennessee for Artist of the year in the Modern Country category.

The Josie Music Association has announced the nominees for “The 7’th Annual JMA Awards”, with another record-breaking year of submissions totalling 38,997. The unique submission, review, and nomination process is a standout in the industry with only 2.6% of submissions making it through to the Official Nomination List for 2021. Those that are a part of this small percentage congratulations on a substantial accomplishment. The largest independent multi-genre, full production awards show is planned for Saturday, September 18’th 2021 at The Tonite Theatre located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Jolandi Ford launched two new single releases in New Zealand since November 2020 with a brand new single release “Not Meant To Be” launching on the 20’th of June 2021. Jolandi is aiming to create a beautiful blending Contemporary sound in the Modern Country genre.

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